ISO System Engineer

Job description:
1. quality environment system planning, implementation, maintenance, improvement, and the implementation of the system supervision and management;
2. organize and implement internal system, process and product audit;
3. assist management representative / system responsible / manager to participate in management review activities;
4. responsible for customer external audit and problem tracking;
5. responsible for MSDS submission;
6. be responsible for organizing the compilation and revision of quality environment system documents and training;
7. be responsible for quality environment system document management;
8. complete other work assigned by leader;
Job requirements:
1., college degree or above, English proficiency is preferred, male and female is not limited, aged 25 or above;
2. working experience or independent implementation of ISO9001;
3. familiar with ISO14001 management system, can be independently created and implemented;
4. be familiar with RoHS/Reach and fit into the system;
5. can receive customers independently, review and deal with customer inspection factory abnormal response;
6. independent design experience in document design requirements for process capability, process capability and quality assurance capability;
7., familiar with document control work, can improve the document control management;

Quality Engineer

Job description:
1. participate in the development and trial production of new products, and establish the quality plan for the products;
2. participate in solving the quality problems in the process and follow up and standardize them according to the engineering inspection standards;
3 of the existing product quality assessment, evaluation, product quality and engineering specifications, inspection standards and compliance requirements of the customers, the existing product quality assessment, evaluation, product quality and engineering specifications, inspection standards and compliance requirements of the customer;
4. supervise the production process and inspection process strictly according to the procedures;
5. be responsible for liaison with customers, testing standards and measuring methods, timely responding to customer complaints and so on;
6. participate in product quality planning, implement and track product quality;
7. responsible for quality management and cost analysis;
Job requirements:
1. high school or secondary school education, 20-35 years old;
2. familiar with QC seven major techniques and 8D, with certain problem analysis and emergency response capability;
3. familiar with ISO9001 quality system operation;
4. more than 1 years working experience in electroplating or other surface treatment industry;
5. more than 2 years quality management experience;
6. familiar with office software, PPT production;

Plating Supervisor

Job requirements:
More than 1.2 years relevant working experience in water plating process.
2. organizational planning and coordination skills.
3. basic knowledge of quality control.
4. experience in product promotion and automation import.
Job description of electroplating supervisor:
1. production process control and deployment.
2. yield and capacity improvement.
3. improvement and improvement of process capability.
4. new process introduction.
5. standard production process establishment.
6. development of electroplating equipment.
7. with the electroplating factory production line personnel, tools, raw materials and other related management experience.
8. plating process control, including plating bath concentration and process parameter adjustment.
9. production cost control.
10. standard operating process planning.
11. equipment maintenance and management.