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Minerals sourcing policy: do not support or use metals from armed conflict, illegal mining and poor working environment, i.e. the so-called "conflict minerals". The supplier shall investigate the metal content, gold (AU), tantalum (TA), tin (SN), tungsten (W), cobalt (CO) and other metals in their products, and confirm the sources of these metals.


Conflict minerals: cassiterite, wolframite, coltan, iron ore, cobalt and gold have caused serious human rights and environmental problems in the DRC and its surrounding countries and regions. Most of the mining activities in these areas are related to the armed groups in the conflict (funding), resulting in long-term instability in the area, so they are called "conflict minerals". These include: DRC Congo (Jin), Rwanda (RWANDA), Uganda (Uganda), Burundi (Burundi), Tanzania (Tanzania), Kenya (Kenya), these metals include Au (AU), Ta (TA), W (W), Sn (TIN), and Co (cobalt).